Wild About Hammer - Episode 26 - Sledgecast

Wild About Hammer | Episode 26

The twenty sixth episode of Sledge Hammer was titled Wild About Hammer and was the fourth episode of the show’s second season. A new officer takes a liking to Sledge, but her account of an evening in his apartment threatens to end Hammer’s career. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at a dangerous unrequited attraction.



Full show notes to follow…

The Sledgecast Team

The Sledgecast Team

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  • Steve Cloutier

    I just started listening to this episode of the podcast, so I may have more comments. YET, two quick notes. 1. Gerry’s totally right about the walking lanes; I’d add there should be a lane for idiots checking their phones while they walk (alternatively I should be allowed to knock them out of the way) and 2. the English musical journalist and dj Stuart Maconie claims that he started the Bob Holness urban legend when he was writing for the New Musical Express (though this has been disputed).

  • Steve Cloutier

    Also I took the ending with the colorization stuff to be a riff on the adding colour to black and white movies. In the 80s, they began colorizing movies. It was controversial and not as successful as they would have hoped. The colours looked off.

    • FuchuBH

      That’s the way I took it, as well. I don’t know what, if any, connection the show had with Turner Entertainment, but Ted Turner was a major force behind colorization in that time.

    • That’s probably more likely than what we said.