Trust Us, We Know What We're Doing! - Episode 42 - Sledgecast

Episode 42 – Trust Us, We Know What We’re Doing!

Episode forty two of Sledgecast looks back on the series, its highs and lows, triumphs and disasters. In this podcast Gerry and Iain consider how the show has aged, answer questions submitted by the listeners and cast their eyes forward to future endeavours.



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The Sledgecast Team

The Sledgecast Team

The Sledgecast team develops, produces and promotes Sledgecast: The Sledge Hammer! Podcast.

  • Steve Cloutier

    Hello Lads, a bit sad to see Sledgecast to end as I continue to enjoy your podcasts (luckily I have the Blackadder and Jonathan Creek ones).

    And you did pronounce my name correctly (the French way)! French Canadian to be precise.

    Tammy Faye Bakker’s name is pronounced “Baker” (as in someone who bakes). I agree with most of your comments.

    Satire is sometimes like that. Because the satirist is, at times, attacking specific things in society, satire can be dated (Margaret Thatcher jokes may still be funny but don’t have the same political edge as they did in the 80s).

    Having lived through the Cold War (I was a teenager in the 80s), I always say that there isn’t the same level of paranoia about Russia as there was back then. There are issues and deep concerns, of course, but there isn’t the same level of paranoid antagonism. Just to illustrate that, we’ve gone from a period when a Republican president (Reagan) jokes about bombing Russia and calling them the Evil Empire to a Republican president (Trump) trying to, if nor defend the Russians, to at least show that the Russians aren’t trying to undermine the American way of life. The anti-Soviet propaganda was all about how they were trying to undermine the American way of life.

    Anyway, thanks for the Sledgecast and see you in in Blackadder and Jonathan Creek!

  • Marc Hodge

    Thanks for choosing Sledge Hammer! such an influential show on me and great to see you enjoyed the show. Loved the podcasts, thanks again and hear you again soon….

  • dtrieber

    Hey Iain, Doug in Can. The Pens and Preds are turning out to be a great series. Good luck to ur Preds. You know how Gerry playfully insults u ala Sledge to the villians, well, Y’know Jonathan Harris (Dr Smith fr Lost In Space) used to lay awake thinking of insults for the robot like you rusty bag of bolts.Since I’ve been studying London music culture from the late 70s, I’ve come up with a few British insults you could give back to him. Call him a ‘tosser’, blundering bloke, lazy sod, sack of bollocks, he might get his wheels;’nicked’ from his car. Of course if ur imitating Hammer, u might wanna use American slang… Your on your own mate.

  • dtrieber

    In episode 41 Here’s To You Mrs Hammer, I think Sledge has been un-tameable for so long, being the fearless cop is his only role in life. After his epiphany, he has a fear. That’s of Dori saying no.