Play it Again, Sledge - Episode 25 - Sledgecast

Play it Again, Sledge | Episode 25

The twenty fifth episode of Sledge Hammer was titled Play it Again, Sledge and was the third episode of the show’s second season. When Sledge and Dori are suspended for mistreating a suspect, a mysterious figure steps into their lives. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at a noir-style departure from the usual approach.



Full show notes to follow…

The Sledgecast Team

The Sledgecast Team

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  • Steve Cloutier

    “ankled her way” – great line. “What next? Lady wrestlers?” – another good one.

    And who else was in Death Car on the Freeway? *drum roll* George Hamilton! Another Columbo link (sort of).

  • Ian Baxter

    I quite like the different approach in this one, enjoyed it. Iain you really must look out Casablanca…

    • Maybe one day. Likely a bit snowed under finishing Sledge and starting the new Heard Yet show over the next wee while!

  • FuchuBH

    Great job as always, guys. I would mention that this episode may even be a bit more meta than you recognized. More than even the original Bogart movies, it directly plays on the Woody Allen film named “Play It Again, Sam” (which I think is the first original use of that exact term, and not really a mistake, as the “again” refers to the new adaptation). In this film, Woody has a similar imaginary Bogart giving him dating advice.

  • Anne H

    Dorrie’s hair cut is a direct nod to Veronica Lake. During the War she changed from her peekaboo hairstyle to a shorter style in the hopes of encouraging female war plant workers to stop copying her previous style as they were getting their hair caught in machinery.