Hammer Hits the Rock - Episode 30 - Sledgecast

Hammer Hits the Rock | Episode 30

The thirtieth episode of Sledge Hammer was titled Hammer Hits the Rock and was the eighth episode of the show’s second season. Sledge once again goes undercover, this time posing as a legendary hitman to expose those plotting to help a felon escape from prison. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at Hammer’s ability to win friends and influence people.



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The Sledgecast Team

The Sledgecast Team

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  • dthcm

    Geraldo Rivera was a investigative reporter. He had a tv special that was pretty well hyped about the contents of Al Capone’s vault.
    Even though the results were under-whelming, he has had a nice career on television. You mentioned Clive reading Sinatra’s unauthorized biography, as opposed to an unauthorized autobiography, and how the actor starred in a “Robin and the Seven Little Hoods” with Peter Falk. The star of that movie was Frank Sinatra.To make this come full circle. “Robin” was set in Chicago, home of Al Capone, and since they were hoods people would disappear permanently. They were put in not exactly vaults but in cement blocks.