Big Nazi on Campus - Episode 24 - Sledgecast

Big Nazi on Campus | Episode 24

The twenty fourth episode of Sledge Hammer was titled Big Nazi on Campus and was the second episode of the show’s second season. After a teaching assistant is murdered, Sledge and Dori use their preferred policing methods to track down the killer. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look again at the relationship between the show’s two lead characters.



Full show notes to follow…

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The Sledgecast Team

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  • Steve Cloutier

    Howdy Sledgeheads, the Shapiro reference could be to Robert Shapiro, a lawyer who represented celebrities. He would go on to be part of the team that defended O.J. Simpson (though that was after Sledge Hammer, so it’s not a reference to that specific trial).

    One thing I thought odd about this episode (Iain, you watch American football, I believe) is that though the boyfriend is referred to as a quarterback he acts more like a running back or wide receiver. A quarterback throws the ball. When Dori throws him the ball she is the quarterback, and he a receiver.

    You are right about Jack Webb. He’s a conservative by-the-book cop. I teach Dragnet occasionally when I do classes on the police procedural.

    Every breath you take; every move you make; I’ll be watching you” is a reference to The Police song “Every Breath You Take”. He’s quoting the song there.

    That’s all the trivia I have!

    • Hi Steve. Thanks for this, some great trivia. Agree completely on the QB. One too many knocks to the head already!